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Benefits of Using Video Demonstrations

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The benefits of video demonstrations of phone systems are many-fold.

Firstly by viewing videos you do not have to travel to a dealer’s premises, which could be hundreds of miles and a day’s work as well as costing you in expensive fuel.  By being greener you’ll be helping the nation, humanity, but more importantly – your pocket.

Video Demonstrations for phone systems should be focused on the main topics such as the types of lines that will deliver customer data – these are ISDN and SIP – find out which is going to be of most benefit to you.  Then you’ll need to consider how you wish for incoming callers to be distributed, and what happens when they aren’t answered within a predetermined number of seconds.  Where does the call go in this event so that the caller isn’t fuming when they finally receive an answer?

Phone Systems today have a plethora of features that for a face-to-face presentation, it would inevitably consume hours to demonstrate them all to you – and you probably won’t be very interested in the vast majority of them, unless you’re a telephony consultant. By choosing the feature description that you know you require, you can target that to ascertain that it’s what you want.

There are various clips on phone systems available on the ubiquitous YouTube channel.  By using the search-phrases for “phone systems and tips” or “making and answering calls” – you’ll come across a wide selection – alternatively you can click on this section of a phone systems supplier’s website.

By doing this you are under no pressure from the demonstrator/salesman.  You can take your time and skip through the item, or watch it repeatedly until you’re satisfied it is right for you, or not. 

After you’ve been through a short-list of sites – you can then plan to make contact with those that look promising to establish the likely cost of their equipment. Download their brochures and scan them for the functionality your business requires.

Check out the choice of handsets.  You have different skill-sets in your employees – a simple handset may suffice for some while others will be far more efficient with a higher specified terminal.  Nowadays you can have homeworkers connected through VoIP utilising domestic Broadband – check out how easy it is to implement. Then there will be software applications that allow you to manage calling information – very effective in controlling costs and identifying if you’ve the correct amount of trunks and staff at specific periods of the working-day.

Finally, after gathering the facts through online facilities in the comfort of your own surroundings, it is the stage to meet up with the dealership that has stimulated your interest with their kit. Browse their portfolio for services that you’ll be needing after the installation.

So our recommendation to you when seeking new phone systems is to be Green – utilise the power of Internet to locate the essential requirements, before travelling, or inviting them to visit you.

Accolades of BEST BUY phone systems from What to Buy for Business magazine and suppliers who have received the SME Reseller of the Year title are worthy of investigation.  You’ll discover that one outfit that fits this bill is Telephone Systems Direct.