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Telephone Systems
The most economic and effective place to source telephone systems is via a web based vendor. By cutting overheads we’ve been boasting discounts of 25% from RRP for over a decade. It’s all about cost base and Phones4Less was the first to push this in the UK back in the year 2000.

If you have an online site selling training systems for businesses, you know that you face quite a bit of competition. The main problem that you face is getting visitors to your site.

You could spend a lot of money in advertising your site and get it SEO ranked - but this does not really guarantee that you will get those visitors, much less make a sale.

Ever wondered what the free automatic-call-distribution feature is on Samsung telephone systems?

Well this video clip explains it very simply so that anyone can understand what is delivered.

YES it is a NO COST facility that most customers ignore because they don’t realise how useful it can be to your role as Big Brother!

Business consultants have been popular for many years. There's several reasons for that, like the fact that many businesses don't keep up with the latest technologies and trends, and they are willing to pay a lot of money to solve specific problems. As a business consultant, you can make a lot of cash if you have resources to offer that can be useful for the company, and improve their sales or productivity. On your side, you don't actually have to spend any money to get these resources. All you need is the right know how, and here's an example of a very profitable business thanks to some free training videos.

The benefits of video demonstrations of phone systems are many-fold.

Firstly by viewing videos you do not have to travel to a dealer’s premises, which could be hundreds of miles and a day’s work as well as costing you in expensive fuel.  By being greener you’ll be helping the nation, humanity, but more importantly – your pocket.


Many start-ups get directed to FeatureLine by BT when they first enquire. This is probably an ideal solution for a 2 or 3 employee organisation. The reason being that, it negates the need of investing in telephone systems for small business beneath that threshold.

Choosing small business telephone systems can be a minefield for the uneducated. It all looks so complex to those who have never done this before so where do you start?

The world in glorious Technicolor is a fabulous one to behold.

Everything seems to come in different colours these days, from the shoes on your feet to the phone in your pocket.

But imagine a hotel phone systems which has coloured screens to which can be utilized for adverts streaming around the clock?

The PC revolution was always going to happen. You could spot it coming from as far back as the 1960’s and even before that. But did anybody predict the humble phone transforming the world practically as much? Phone systems have changed how human beings communicate with each other out of all recognition. When the story of our civilisation is written, they will point to early 21st century phone systems as a watershed of massive importance.

Choosing the right kind of phone systems can throw all sorts of obstacles in your way.

There is a plethora of phone systems out there and getting the exact one can be as easy as wading through treacle. Each will have its stand-out features and every phone will come with gadgets and gizmos which could be the difference between your employees achieving great things for the organisation or falling at the first hurdle.

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