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Choosing Which Small Business Telephone Systems

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Choosing small business telephone systems can be a minefield for the uneducated. It all looks so complex to those who have never done this before so where do you start?

The best starting point is to isolate the supplier from the product. This is because products are the same wherever you buy them from. It is, after all, purely a box of tricks that performs a function in your operation. Sure, it must do that efficiently but most offerings available within the UK will do far more than is required of them. We are not just referring to the basics of hold and transfer. The majority will now boast integration to computers and VoIP facilities.

When buying small business telephone systems it is wise to focus on who the installer is first. This is due to the long term nature of the relationship. You should satisfy yourself that you are comfortable with the staff as they will be with you for many years.

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The primary consideration should be financial stability otherwise you might have disruption during a change of maintainer. If you organisation does not subscribe to a credit reference service then you should aim to enquire at a free online resource such as Company Check.

Then you can investigate the qualifications of your proposed provider. The manufacturers frequently evolve grades of qualification to their vendors. The highest is often name Platinum partner and guarantees a knowledgeable workforce that has invested in both training and spares holding.

Having you calls answered personally is also desirable. So you may wish to avoid telecoms dealers who use automated attendant to answer your call. It highlights a shortage of employees and is not helpful if you have a fault and are desperate to speak to a human.

Finally, it is imperative that you sense warm feelings towards the likely installers. You need this to be confident in their ability to support you in the event of a crisis.

Only when you’ve examined the above should you move on to examining the brand of hardware. You’ll be well advised to look at makes that you can afford. Beware of American platforms that charge licence fees for every little extra. Be cautious of Japanese firms who build in obsolescence by ensuring that components aren’t backward compatible. Korean brands like Samsung are proving ever more popular. Happy hunting!