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Other Ways to Sell Telephone Systems Other Ways to Sell Telephone Systems

We are all astonished by the rather unsavoury techniques of some Time-Share vendors and we tut and shake our heads disapprovingly. Then there’s the Salesman who has told some poor unsuspecting soul to ‘sign here’ if they Don’t want this product, which they do only to find out that they have actually signed a contract tying them into unwanted contractual commitments, for a fixed term! Again we pull a face and feel nothing but pity for this person. 

This all leads me to Telephone Systems Direct customers, lovely people similar to me or you, working hard to make a living. If you were to ask them ‘Do you have any problems at the moment’ to which they reply, ‘Only other telephone systems companies bombarding us with Telesales, every day loads of them invade and it’s driving us mad! Can we bar these calls?” The response is, no, sorry.

The Telephone Systems vendor management is proud of the fact that this telephone systems specialist has never wasted a penny on Tele-sales. All of the clients come either through word of mouth or other non suggestive activity. Do you enjoy the Private-Health Care sector or Employment agencies who block your telephone systems frequently and stop your staff improving the running of the business? The answer is undoubtedly no.

So there you have it, I am a true believer that teleselling doesn’t compute, it’s a nuisance. It is tedious for those whose daily grind it is to do the job and it is irritating to the recipients.

Of course, there are those who would argue that there wouldn’t be rewards from this approach if they didn’t have something advantageous to reveal. After all salespeople are there to help inform the uninformed be armed with information that can assist them in their buying decisions for the likes of telephone systems.

But there other ways of transmitting your messages `that stimulate enquiries. You can stay in people’s eyes by engaging with the community. So how do you become engaged? You join into areas of communities that concern you. There are always opportunities for your organisation to earn exposure like this. 

Better still if you can do charitable things you can gain positive newspaper editorials and that is invaluable. There is a selling theory that buyers have to hear of you on seven occasions before they will purchase from you. If you can achieve a steady stream of press coverage it does soak in with prospects. It may not persuade them to pick up their telephone systems without justifiable cause but it does identify your firm in their minds.

So now that your entity is at the rear of everyone’s mind, what needs to happen in order to generate some orders? You should know which medium targets are likely to refer to when they wish to be directed to a telephone systems installer. Are they going to turn to Industrial Exchange and Mart or good old Yellow Pages. If you haven’t used direct dial numbers to figure that out, you are slow off the mark. 

In byegone times, direction orientated advertising meant great thick phonebooks. These days there is talking-pages and a plethora of online search engines and directories. There are other media aiming to cross the line into directive marketing. There are business start up exhibitions and publications such as Which.

YP has been a source of work for the telecoms industry since liberalisation. But the conglomerate who owns it has been offering it’s cyberspace version as Yell.com for eons. As the customer performs a lookup Yell’s directory rotates businesses in a fair manner. If you have more phone numbers listed you have more listings in the ever important first few. But you can bribe yourself to number one which is called a sponsored-listing. Obviously only a single advertiser can buy the sponsorship. Once that you have booked this, it is yours to re-book annually.

So what if the category is already taken in your target area? Well you could invest more money to win prominence in the printed  YellowPages but it’s effectiveness is in decline as more folk are sign-posted to you by interweb stuff.

The biggest on-line is GoogleAdwords but the overhead of having pay per click campaigns can be cost prohibitive when bidding on terms such as “telephone systems”. Quotation comparison domains to the rescue as they spend £thousands repeatedly for the top paid-for positions and can offer to give you a share of the action for a few hundred pounds monthly. This makes it affordable and is a sound idea.

If you prefer a naturally highly ranked listing on Google then it is beneficial to have a domain name that was born as long ago as possible. The longevity of a web-address helps it as does being registered in human edited lists such as dmoz.org .

The content also facilitates search-engines to assess the relevance of your website and will push you higher up the results. It can take months to create hundreds of webpages but it really does bring dividends. You can have an instantly large shopping cart by having a distributor white label it’s catalogue for you and although this will look grand to us the Googlebot sees this as another “me too” so it won’t increase your traffic.

Having multimedia clips improves your rankings. Videos can be visually interesting but the algorithm genuinely loves them. Consider having some movies shot and you can retain them for eternity. Visitors don’t tend to read brochures but inherent nosiness means that they do watch YouTube. 

Being written about on news websites scores very positively as these are seen as being independent. If PR mentions go back a decade then you are laughing all the way to the bank. If you don’t have stories currently then begin immediately as today’s articles will be critical to SERPs in the future. The nirvana is to be featured on the BBC.co.uk as algorithms bestow big credence to this.

All of this is collective brand value and it’s a longterm investment. So whether you sponsor a local football team or the Mayor’s ball you remain in the memories of both the breathing and spiders. The financial compensations are sweet as business floods in.

Inbound enquirers do not guarantee sales but they do demonstrate interest on the enquirer’s part. Most are easily qualified as wanting a telephone systems. It is purely of case of helping them choose their telephone systems provider.

The more that telecommunications firms telephone us to death the increasingly worthless it becomes. Businesses are totally sick of it and are becoming more adept at getting rid of these intrusive callers. Effective promotion is a mix of activities that sets you aside from your competitors. Start being imaginative and get busy.

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