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Phone Systems for Small Offices

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There are phone systems for small offices which just don’t “cut the mustard”!

These phone systems for small offices don’t offer all the features and facilities of their more expensive sister platforms.  They are cheap – but don’t deliver value for money when you

compare them against BEST BUY rated phone systems for small offices as you’ll find in the “What to Buy for Business” magazine.

Would you expect to have a choice of thirteen models of handset?

-          Be able to use a high specification voice mail for £150 RRP?
-          Connect 100m range DECT headsets?
-          Record all inbound and outbound conversations?
-          Have a home-extension through the Internet?
-          Divert unanswered calls to your mobile?
-          Pop the website of callers when answering a ringing phone?
-          Page?
-          Pick-up?
-          Have a directory of 1500 speed dials?
-          ACD?
-          Individual call-logging?
-          Soft-phones?
-          CLIP & DDI translation tables?

All of this functionality is available in the basic OfficeServ7030 that WTBFB gave the elite rating to.

Buying the 7030 phone systems for small offices with a 25% discount is possible from a high-class Platinum accredited Samsung dealership that can also boast being a holder of the prestigious SME Reseller of the Year trophy – that accolade only comes round once a year and depends on your customers voting for you.  Obviously theirs did!

This Northern-based telecoms dealer specialises in phone systems for small offices, schools, colleges, accountants, architects, lawyers, motor traders, medical and dental practices as well as larger scale installations for business centres, networked sites, engineering premises and employment offices.

They have clientele throughout the United Kingdom with probably 50% of them inside the orbit of the M25.  Their fully qualified engineers travel around the UK in silver-liveried, wholly-owned, estate cars bringing relief to worried office managers within hours of reporting problems.  They usually arrive with the likely part required, so the fault is fixed on the first visit – unlike your one-man-band to has to order a replacement and it takes a week to fix.

Learn more about phone systems for small offices by dialling free to Telephone Systems Direct on 0800 652 8052.