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Samsung DCS Euro handsets

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The KPDCS-12B is manufacturer’s part number for the 12 button handset that complimented the early Samsung phone systems – these were the DCS, DCS-Compact, DCS-Compact-II, DCS408, DCS816 and DCS-ViP.

Fortunately the KPDCS-12B is still available from certain dealers – they are old ones that have been refurbished to “As New” status.  The KPDCS-12B could be plugged in to the interim VoIP telephone keysystems iDCS100 and iDCS500, and more importantly to the current IP capable OfficeServ7000 series.  It’s not many manufacturers that make obsolete terminals backwards compatible – they see more mileage in selling newer models, but SamsungElectronics have a very well published Green Paper showing their commitment to making the World a greener place.  By allowing the KPDCS-12B and KPDCS-24B to be connected to extension ports of the OfficeServ7030, OfficeServ7100, OfficeServ7200 and OfficeServ7400 they have convinced finance directors that it was within budgetary constraints to upgrade their older – non-VoIP PBX into a State-of-the-Art voice server – as they don’t need to include thousands of pounds in replacing the KPDCS-12B units when there was patently years of life left in them.

At Telephone Systems Direct they are able to supply the KPDCS-12B to you at just £75 now as against the original £150 RRP.  With 25% discounts offered on the OfficeServ-7000 family of products you can agree that the time is ripe to consider trading in the aging DCS-series platform when the facilities the 7030, 7100, 7200 and 7400 deliver – such as home extensions with a cheap SMT-i3100 coupled through the Internet router enabling the home-worker to take office calls when everyone else is busy.

TelephoneSystemsDirect is a member of Samsung’s premier Platinum club and a holder of the prestigious SME Reseller of the Year trophy.

To learn more about using the KPDCS-12B on the award-winning OS7030 contact 0800 652 8052 FREE or browse on