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Samsung DECT300 replaces Samsung DECT500

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Out with the Samsung DECT500 and in for the Samsung DECT300

In order to keep pace with the changing technology Samsung Electronics Network Division has an ongoing policy of product development and improvement. This will require the manufacturer to cease manufacturing or production of items.

The Samsung DECT-500 module (by Kirk) has been deemed to be at the past it’s time. This has been replaced with the Samsung DECT-300 and is an element of the IP strategy bringing all the benefits of VoIP connected DECT solution at a lower entry level price.

Samsung are pleased to launch the DECT300 to the line up boasting a well priced offering for the smaller configurations that previously were not addressed with the larger DECT600v3.

The EOS note covers the base-station only and will come into effect on the 1st June 2010. This applies to all markets supplied by SEUK which includes European countries.

As part of Samsung’s plan of developing solutions for the OfficeServ 7000 systems, they are taking this opportunity to add the DECT300 which is a single base station unit that supports registration of up to twelve cordless handsets, up to six repeaters and allows four concurrent calls. It is very competitive and customers will be able to place orders for from 1st May 2010.
The following are to be deleted in June
13851 DECT500 starter pack
13826 DECT500 Base
13801 Repeater for the DECT500

Samsung recognise that it is important for users to enjoy the advantages of Samsung telephone systems and software they have purchased and expect a reasonable return on investment. To this objective, Samsung will continue to tech-support its products for as long as possible dependant on availability and demand. This period will be:

• Hardware - Maximum of 5-years from the last new shipment or the of any End-of-Sale bulletin. This will be limited to providing maintenance spares by effecting repairs or supplying refurbished equipment to satisfy user’s needs. Samsung, if necessary and at its sole discretion, reserves the right to provide a functionally equivalent from its then current range.

• Software- Max of 3-years from the date of final shipping or any End-of-Sale advise. This will extend to “Bug Fixes” for the 1st 12 months since the EoS form. Subsequent years the support will be restricted to re-issuing of licences for use on replacement servers.