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Samsung OfficeServ 7030 fire risk WARNING

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Samsung OfficeServ 7030 Samsung OfficeServ 7030

The Samsung OfficeServ 7030 installation instructions are very clear to telecoms engineers who have been on the manufacturers install course. But never the less some telecommunications firms have been found to have deployed them without proper references to the technical bulletins.

The Samsung OfficeServ 7030 is unlike it’s bigger brothers; the 7100, 7200S and 7400 in that it is not designed to be a 19” rack mountable system. As a smaller IP PBX, is has been developed for small business telephony applications. These SMEs often don’t have a Cat5 IT cabinet so it was made with wall mounting in mind. After all, a single chassis unit only supports 10 TDM handsets, 2 analogue extensions and 2 x ISDN2 lines. OK, it is accepted that you could join two Samsung OfficeServ 7030 boxes together to double the capacity but you are compelled to stick to the rules.

There is not a problem with sitting it inside a data enclosure but DON’T stack them. When installers ignore this they might be creating a risk of overheating as one power supply will be sat on top of the other. You have been warned!

If you have had a Samsung OfficeServ 7030 fitted it is prudent to check that they are not stacked as it would prevent adequate air circulation and at worse burning is a possibility. If you must shelf mount allow 6” plus of airflow to ensure cooling. Think safety and you will avoid an early cremation!