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Samsung Telephone Systems

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Ever wondered what the free automatic-call-distribution feature is on Samsung telephone systems?

Well this video clip explains it very simply so that anyone can understand what is delivered.

YES it is a NO COST facility that most customers ignore because they don’t realise how useful it can be to your role as Big Brother!

Essentially this Automatic Call Distribution provides Call-Centre Functionality with Dial Groups and the demonstrator shows you what happens when there is a busy extension in a group.

The demonstration goes on to explain how the supervisor can analyse the statistics via the Supervisor key.

There are stats on agents, queues, abandoned calls, average ring-time, periods when all the extensions were engaged, queuing time – total callers today.  He proceeds to demonstrate how the In & Out of Group control is operated.

So this package is very helpful in managing bums on seats by identifying how ringing phones have been answered by each agent together with their individual averaged call duration.

The tutorial completes by explaining the different options for printing out reports – manual or auto – daily / hourly – and also how they are reset.

ACD has been standard on Samsung’s telephone systems from the early DCS al the way through to the latest OfficeServ7000 series.  There is a full-blown skills-based-ACD application available for those with higher expectations.

This is just one of many training sessions posted on YouTube or viewable directly from the TelephoneSystemsDirect website.  

There’s a wealth of instructional footage here including education for your staff in telephone etiquette and the means to improve your sales technique.  These can have a very positive effect on your bottom line by helping to prevent potential purchasers hanging up on you prematurely.

This organisation has invested thousands of hours in creating web sites and educational material that is freely accessible by all.  It is believed that if you provide enough information and show care about clients, that you’ll receive far more enquiries that by performing cold calling.

Follow the link to discover more about ways to transform your business – and all for less than you thought – from the professionals who are Platinum Partner accredited and have held the trophy for SME Reseller of the Year – as voted on by their clientele!

To contact Telephone Systems Direct dial 0800 652 8052.