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Telephone Directory Enquiries Operator Joke

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 Directory Enquiries Customer using the Phonetic Alphabet on the Telephone

I want the telephone details for Telephone Systems Direct Please.”

Can you spell that out for me, please?

“Of course I can.

T as in tea.
E as in eye.
L as in hell.
E as in eye.
P as in pea.
H as in hey.
O as in you.
N as in hen.

E as in aye.
S as in sea.
Y as in aye,
S as in sea.
T as in tea.
E as in aye.
M as in em.

S as in sea.
T as in tea.”
D as in Zed.
I as in in.
R as in are.
E as in eye.
C as in cue.

Just a minute, sir. I will put you through to my manager.

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