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Telephone Funny Clips Celebrate Scottish Inventor

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On Friday 30th April 2010 it is 135 years since Alexander Graham Bell received notification of his first patent for multiplexing signals on a single wire in 1875. A year later he won a further one for the telephone. He was looking for a way to replace the telegraph but he could not have known then how much his discovery would revolutionise the commercial world.

International Telephone Systems Day is to be celebrated and organisations around the planet are being encouraged to use their telephone systems to call a contact that they may not have spoken to for a while. Business people go days, weeks or even months without contacting their suppliers and customers.

Since the advent of social media such as Twitter, Facebook and MySpace there has been the risk of a decline of proper conversations. The threat is of dialogue being replaced by monologue. Electronic mass communications and email can make for quick single direction messages but you cannot beat the real thing. Dual direction comms bring emotions in a style that modern mediums can’t. Marketing is all about listening to the voice of the consumer and telephone systems enable us to remain a market led economy.

Telephone systems are the doorways to small and medium businesses. Calls both inbound and outbound are their livelihood. Without phone traffic, commerce would grind to a halt. It really is the lifeblood and the celebration is to encourage a new found enthusiasm from entrepreneurs.

Ringo Bell of Telephone Systems Direct has compiled a top ten telecoms YouTube clips to highlight the importance of Telephone Systems Day.