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Telephone System Dealer Does Inventive Promotion

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If you are a telephone system installer in the United Kingdom you probably find new customers via telesales. But isn’t it time for a change to other methods?


Since the UK economy started to stall the number of telecanvassing approaches selling stuff seems to have doubled. It is not just people endeavouring to sell you a telephone system

, it is everything. From advertising to recruitment there has been an increase in telemarketing activity. It is almost at the point where such efforts are being lost in a sea of similar noise. We are in telecoms and even we receive calls from folk attempting to ply us with a telephone system. It has become ridiculous!

So how should telecom system vendors market themselves? Ringo Bell says that, “businesses in this field should try and think outside of the box. It is considerably simpler to satisfy an inbound enquiry. These enquirers know that they want a telephone system. It is simply a case of who they are going to buy it from. Our salesmen are pushing on an open door. It is a completely different type of sale. It is all about being well priced and helpful and the the cost of customer acquisition is much less.”

So what is the secret to success in this area? You have to make your organisation prominent and easily found in the places that prospects will look when they need a telephone system. Directories and the internet are equally important. They say that buyers have to of come across you 7 times before they will proceed to a purchase from you. So you have to be everywhere.

Being popular in the media is one thing. Good PR is so easy to do because nobody is trying hard. It can be sponsoring a football team to helping a charitable cause. Whatever brings exposure. Humour can also be a tool to gain coverage. Humorous viral video clips can hit huge audiences on YouTube. A telephone system can be a dull item but not if sprinkled with comedy.

 And so to Ringo’s latest plan to get better known. “Well imagine of the publicity that we could benefit from if we could brand all of our staff! A small strategically placed tattoo could bring the press running to cover the story. We now have to figure out a way of getting our employees to agree to some ink.”

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