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VoIP Telephone Systems with Reduced Risk

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FINALLY there’s a telecoms carrier who cares for their clients.  Although there has been the capability to do something about it for a few years, we a pleased to report that at last we’re being offered a way to tackle FRAUD on our phones! 

With VoIP telephone systems you can connect to SIP trunks which can be as inherently insecure as the web.  A provider of these types of circuit –VoiceFlex, now offers a constant monitor on your account to help you identify telephony fraud easily.  The FRAUD-ALERTING feature is enabled on 9th February 2011. 

Today there are unscrupulous people out there who will hack into your VoIP telephone systems and manipulate your IP port to gain access to outgoing analogue, ISDN or other public routes to ring international numbers for their own benefit.  Then again there are those who have the skills to illegally reprogram VoIP telephone systems via the local area networks (LANs) to make regular phonecalls to a premium rate number, generating income for the 08xxx or 09xxx destination.

These activities are increasing as every day goes by!  And it will not reduce until all PTTs implement measures such as this protecting our businesses globally. 

Just consider faked calls to Venezuela over a three or four hour period on two or more lines could result in a charge to you in excess of £1,000. You won’t know this is happening until you receive your quarterly or monthly phone bill.  The offering for users of VoIP telephone systems with internet trunk circuits is to send you an email whenever there are increases in call costs from your VoIP telephone systems on comparable days in successive weeks.  e.g. £100 spend on Monday 16th and £125 on the 25th – a 25% increase.  You get to set the percentages online. 

Unfortunately the operating carriers will not insure you against dishonest usage and you will be ultimately liable for the cost of them! Even though Voiceflex isn’t responsible for securing your network, they can provide you with the tools to assist you to minimise your risk if they suspect fraudulent use is being made from your location through any of your VoIP telephone systems.

Your own staff are the usual culprit in the misuse of your telephone systems - unauthorised private conversations – and loss of the company’s productivity – that’s a double-edged sword!

Traditional TDM telephone systems are not immune to the hackers.  They’ll dial into your company on DDIs to utilise Direct Dialling Inwards facilities such as outbound dialling.  They will try default passwords or passcodes because inevitably some haven’t been altered since the original VoIP telephone systems’ installation. Be sure that yours’ has unique or strong codes on everyone’s mailbox.  Many PSTN customers have had their VoIP telephone systems checked by their service technicians when they have a reason to visit such as a reported fault.

So if you are considering, or have, VoIP telephone systems then think carefully about the suppliers who will care for your telecom security and can manage the portal and alert settings, on your behalf, remotely. If it isn’t a VoIP system then why aren’t the traditional PTOs giving alerting?

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