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Why Telephone Systems are Cheaper On-line

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Telephone Systems
The most economic and effective place to source telephone systems is via a web based vendor. By cutting overheads we’ve been boasting discounts of 25% from RRP for over a decade. It’s all about cost base and Phones4Less was the first to push this in the UK back in the year 2000.

The sales model works by eradicating the costs of field salespeople. In traditional situations it is these wages that add the most to the overhead.

The other major influence is removal of bad debt scenarios. You see, the purchaser pays a 50% deposit at the point of order and that makes a huge difference. OK, we are aware that some bricks and mortar operators demand such deposits anyway but they are in a minority.

For the last few years we have been focussing on developing our Telephone Systems Direct website. It’s been largely about providing comprehensive information for buyers. There is plenty of video content giving everything from demonstrations to technical instructions. They have had many thousand viewings so we know that users find them to be useful.

These 2 domains are just a small sample as we have 31 internet properties in total. It’s all about being found easily in the search engines. A worthwhile exercise as it saves thousands of pounds on marketing.

No one can conjure up great deals from thin air, there has to be a quid pro quo. But there is no skimping on service as we still hold Platinum Partner status for Samsung. Their OfficeServ phone system platform is an award winner. So the installer is highly qualified and the telephony kit is beating competitors. Why would any business not explore this avenue as a viable option?